Sustain CHLY—Become a member and donate!

Become a Sustaining Member

Sustaining Members of CHLY buy a membership for $20 and continue to make
monthly donations of $20 to help support CHLY.

Supporting Members get these extras on top of membership:

  • Being regularly entered into random prize draws for show tickets and festival passes
    —e.g.: Otalith, Diversity, Bass Coast, or The Vancouver Jazz Festival.
  • A Limited Edition CHLY T-shirt for every year you are a sustaining member.
  • Your name read aloud on air in thanks.
  • Knowing that you support the local community and the independent media just a little bit more.
  • Never having to renew your membership—you’re renewing every month!
  • Extra firm hugs of gratitude at the station.
  • Plus more to come!

Become a Member

The backbone of our station and society are our members. To participate you have to be one!

Membership allows you to:

  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Vote at a Special General Meeting.
  • Apply to volunteer in the station, helping our small hard-working staff keep independent media on air.
  • Submit a show proposal, and pending review and approval, become a host/programmer!

Become a Sustaining Donor or make a one-time donation

Monthly Donors are the next best thing to Sustaining Members! Can’t afford to become a Sustaining Member? Make a smaller monthly donation, and we’ll be hugely grateful for your support.

Large one-time donations are also hugely appreciated.

Become a Business Sponsor

$150 Business Mention
Our standard, long-running 15-second business card mention which airs once a week for 26 weeks. Contains basic information generally provided on a business card – name, website address, and maybe a brief slogan. Cost is 5% less than standard rack rate of $6 per business mention. Advertiser may choose to sponsor a specific show, or have their ad air randomly (at Evil Steve’s discretion).

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