On October 5, 2001, less than a month after the Trade Towers came down (or were pulled down, depending on your view), after a couple of weeks of testing, the mics channels were opened and CHLY-FM was officially on the air. After a three hour on-air party we got into the regular programming schedule.

Come down to the station for our open house, have some cake and help us celebrate. We are still in the basement of the Queens, down the China Steps from the Thirsty Camel (or down the stairs behind Black and Blue Tattoo if you are coming from that direction). Meet some of the people who keep CHLY on the air day in and day out, and hopefully some people from the past may show up too.

Should be a fun time and a good kick-off for the fall fundrive which starts the next day. (we will take your money early if you want *hint* *hint*)

Next Board of Directors meeting

The next meeting of the RMS Board of Directors will take place Tuesday Oct.15, 2015. Call to order at 6:30 pm. The meeting will take place in the meeting room of the Painted Turtle Guest House, 121 Bastion St. Nanaimo.  

Top 3
1 WHITEY SOMERS* Happy Guy (Self-Released)
2 BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE* Power In The Blood (Gypsy Boy)
3 DELHI 2 DUBLIN* We’re All Desi (Westwood Recordings)
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Rhythm’a’ning host wins Stiletto Award

Host and producer Kerilie McDowall from the jazz and improvised music radio show Rhythm’a’ning, has been awarded a 2016 Woman of Distinction Award at the inaugural Stiletto Awards.
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Congratulations to the Si’em’ nu Ts’ Ihhwulmuhw team for winning NCRA’s Neskie Award for Aboriginal Affairs and Culture Programming. The award was presented June 6, 2015 at the awards gala at the annual National Campus/Community Radio Association convention, taking place in Halifax,NS.

The citation reads: “The winner of this award had a submission that truely impressed the judges. They felt it was truely a show for the communities and very important for connecting and continuing traditions in villages…Clearly this show means a lot and carries a great importance to the producers.”

Congratulations to Natasha`Bob of Snaw Naw As, Geraldine Manson of Snuneymuxw, Devin Pielle of Tla-Amin nation and Lawrence Mitchell of Snaw naw As and Buffi David of Stz“minus, and Kenny Brault.
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Librarians on the Radio recognized with an award

Librarians on the Radio, a recurring segment on Changes (except when they run the whole show like today) has been recognized by the BCLA. Click through to see the whole story or get the link to the VIRL website.

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Purchase a “mention” on CHLY 101.7 FM

A CHLY mention is a 10-12 second recorded segment in which listeners can have almost any message they want broadcast once a week. An example message could be

“This hour is brought to you by John Tesh. Reminding you that easy listening music is the only way to go.”

Local business can also purchase a mention as well. An example message could be.

“This hour is brought to you by, John’s Plumbing on Texada Island. Specializing in removing the crap from your toilette. Call John at 555-555-5555”

Some restrictions apply. For more details please email sales@chly.ca or call 250 716 3410

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The Radio Malaspina Society

The people of Radio Malaspina (CHLY 101.7 FM) are committed to engaging our listeners with an inclusive, intelligent and innovative alternative media experience. We encourage personal responsibility in all levels of community. We are a campus- and community-supported forum and stage for the voices of Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, the Islands and beyond.

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