RMS Membership

The Radio Malaspina Society (RMS)  is the not-for-profit organization that runs radio station CHLY 101.7fm in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Anyone in the community can become an RMS  member, and all VIU Malaspina Campus students are automatically members.


As a member, you’re welcome to volunteer your skills to the benefit of CHLY in any way you can. Usually, this will be something that you have experience in, or are looking to gain further experience in. There are many many different areas that CHLY can utilize volunteers. If you’re a student looking to build a strong resume, CHLY probably has a volunteer-job for you! If you’re a member of the community that can add strength to the radio station in some way, CHLY probably has a volunteer job for you, too!


Membership to RMS is stated in our bylaws as being only $20 each year! Aside from being able to volunteer, you’re membership also entitles you to attend any of our meetings.  This includes our Annual General Meeting (AGM),  in which lots of large decisions are made with regard to the operation of CHLY 101.7fm.  You’re also welcome to submit a program proposal– a chance at securing your very own radio show spot on our program schedule.


Click here to become a member now!


What is the Radio Malaspina Society & CHLY?

A radio station that presents both talk and music shows, mainly made up of aprox. 50 volunteer programmers.


Media that is not for profit
Media that is facilitated and accessible to the people
Media that is free from corporate or government influence
Media that showcases and fosters local talent, business, and culture
Media that promotes ideas and opinions that are underrepresented or ignored in mainstream media
Media that serves as promotional platforms for grass roots social action movements
Media that highlights Canadian-specific aspects

Why should I become a member? 

  1. It’s only twenty bucks, and you get to be the owner of a radio station
  2. You get to participate in The Society’s decision-making
  3. Be a programmer! You have the opportunity to create your own show on the air, or help on a regular basis with someone else’s show
  4. You can volunteer your skills toward a long term role in broadcast media
  5. You can hang out at the station! We’re stocked with local fresh coffee
  6. You can volunteer your skills towards a short term objective, like representing at an event or a music festival
  7. You will learn a LOT! For FREE! (well, except for a membership fee)
  8. You can get free, hands-on training using technical broadcast and presentation methods
  9. You will get connected with other community members like you!
  10. You get to attend meetings, including the AGM and other socials. Sometimes there’s yummy items involve!
  11. You can go to sleep at night, knowing that you’ve helped make a positive impact on the world. All too often it’s proven that consuming for profits is not the way to health and happiness. By financially supporting an influential tool like radio, you’re directly responsible for global progress.