About CHLY

Mission Statement

The people of Radio Malaspina are committed to engaging our listeners with an inclusive, intelligent and innovative alternative media experience. We encourage personal responsibility in all levels of community. We are a campus- and community-supported forum and stage for the voices of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, the Islands and beyond.


  1. Be a proud supporter of independent media.
  2. Media that is accessible to the people.
  3. Radio that is free from corporate or government influence.
  4. Promote talent and opinions under represented in mainstream media.
  5. Provide a promotional platform for grass roots social action organizations.
  6. To train and educate members of our community in radio production, presentation and administration.
  7. Provide a vital link between the various volunteer organizations in the British Columbia coastal community.
  8. Create a media conduit for the British Columbia Island and coastal community.
  9. To provide a platform for the concerns and issues affecting citizens residing in our broadcast community.
  10. To serve our community with diverse, entertaining, intelligent and compelling media content.