The Program Schedule



12am – 9am.          CHLY Overnight

9am – 10am           Democracy Now!                                News and Analysis

10am – 11am         Si’em’ nu Ts’ lhhwulmuhw              ‘My honoured Native people’

11am – 12pm         What’s Next?                                       A Mix of tunes from the 20s till Now

12pm – 1pm          Road Poets                                            Americana

1pm – 2pm              Your Show Here                                 (Worldbeat Canada until assigned)

2pm – 3pm            Character Driven                                The Story Behind the People

3pm – 4pm             People First Radio (repeat)             Re-broadcast of Thursday’s show

4pm – 5pm             Tune Talk                                             Youth Program from NYSA

5pm – 6pm             Bold Pioneer

6pm – 8pm.           Modern Jazz Today

8pm – 10pm           The Impending Loom                        Funk, hip hop, alt 80’s, ska

10pm – 11pm           Laurent Schark                          Electro House music from London, England

11pm – 12am           The Boss                                        Dancehall with host Panther Jones

12am – 1 am           Drop the Hammer                        Metal and more, hosted in French and English


1 am – 9am             CHLY Overnight

9am – 10am           Democracy Now!                              News and Analysis

10am – 11am          Native Solidarity News                   from Montreal

11am – 12pm         Changes Radio                                  Political, Social and Environmental

12pm – 12:30pm   Cultural Baggage                             Dean Becker and the War on Drugs

12:30 – 1pm            Rendevous de la Francophonie     The state of French culture in Canada

1pm – 2pm              Your Show Here

2pm – 4pm            Living For The Health Of It            Spoken Word, Health

4pm – 5pm            Your Show Here

5pm – 6pm             VIU and You                                      Campus life, news and views

6pm – 8pm            Rockabilly Express                            Rockabilly Music

8pm – 9pm             Harbour City Beat                            Local Musicians

9pm – 11pm            Bigger Than Bass                             Bass Heavy Electronic

11pm – 12am          CHLY Overnight



12am – 8am           CHLY Overnight

8am – 9am            The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour      Random ass radio

9am – 10am          Democracy Now!                                    News and Analysis

10am – 11am         Si’em’ nu Ts’ lhhwulmuhw                  ‘My honoured Native people’

11am – 1pm            Nash Holos                                              Ukrainian Culture

1pm –  2pm           World Beat Canada                               World music

2pm – 4pm            Bobby Be Cool                                         Music of the 50’s and early 60’s

4pm – 7pm            Free Trampoline                                     Rock/Pop/Electronic/Rap

7pm – 8pm            A Sense of Justice                                   Politics, Human Rights and Democracy

8pm – 10pm          Cheese And Crackers                              Folk, local and worldly.

10pm – 12am         The Late Shift                          Funk, rap, soul, jazz, outer national grooves


12am – 6:30am       CHLY Overnight

6:30am – 9am      The Morning Fog                      Roots, Blues, R’n’B, and Folk

9am – 10am          Democracy Now!                        News and Analysis

10am – 11am        Sound Constitution                    VIU Nurses on the radio

11am –12pm        Alternative Radio                        Audio Energy for Democracy

12pm – 1pm        People First Radio                       Mental Health, Talk and Awareness

1pm – 2pm          Radio EcoShock

2pm – 3pm           Celt in a Twist                       Celtic World

3pm – 4pm         Worldbeat Canada

4pm – 5pm        Rebel Music International    Reggae and Hip-hop and more from around the world

5pm – 7pm         Under The Fringe                     Boby Image, Burlesque, and related issues

7pm – 8pm        Into It                                           POP! Music & Culture

8pm – 10pm

10pm – 12am        Kinetic Flow                          Hip – Hop


12am – 9am.       CHLY Overnight

9am – 10am        Democracy Now!                                News and Analysis

10am – 11am       Si’em’ nu Ts’ lhhwulmuhw              ‘My honoured Native people’

11am – 12pm      Sino Naimo News                               Chinese/English Current Affairs

12pm – 2pm       Red Zone Reggae                                Reggae, Dancehall, Ska

2pm – 3pm         Progressive Regression                      Progressive Rock

3pm – 5pm        The Crace Fountain                          Indie, experimental and beyond

5pm – 6pm          Funkybreakz                                        Break Beat Music

6pm – 8pm        The Massive                                        Electronic Dance Music

8pm – 10pm       In The Red                                           Best Rock of All Ages

10pm – 12am      CHLY Overnight


12am – 10am           CHLY Overnight

10am – 12pm         Altered Egos                          Current Affairs

12pm – 2:00pm     The Masthead                 The Navigator newspaper on radio

2pm – 3pm             Art Attack                        Local art, music,  interviews with the CAR BomB!

3:00 – 3:30pm       W.I.N.G.S                           Womens International News Gathering Service

3:30 – 4:00pm       Cultural Baggage                             Dean Becker and the War on Drugs

4pm – 7pm             The Lovecast                                              Global Grooves,

7pm – 9pm            Groove Concept Radio              Jazz, Soul, R&B, spoken word – from Emiles’s new home at CIUT

9pm – 11pm        Third Stone From the Sun (rebroadcasts)  World, Folk


12 am – 9am        CHLY Overnight

9am – 12pm         Songwriters Circle                               All local music

12pm – 2pm         Island Riddims                                     Reggae

2pm – 4pm           Apna Sur Sangeet                                Punjabi Language and Music

4pm – 4:30           Terra Informa                                      Environmental issues

4:30 – 5pm             Latin Waves                                        Political, spoken word

5pm – 7pm            Sunday Morning Soul                        Blues

7pm – 8pm           Your show here

8pm – 9pm            your show here

9pm – 11pm.         The Shuffle.                            Indie rock, punk and hip-hop

11pm – 12am           CHLY overnight