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If you are online much you may notice that the web is maturing and changing. It is (albeit grudgingly) being accepted that allowing music downloads, even if you pay the copyright on that one copy, is wrong because unlimited copies can be made from that one legal copy without paying copyright. So unless you own the rights to the music it is harder and harder to find a service that will let you offer downloads. At the same time, wi-fi is becoming more common, and various other schemes exist (like iTunes) to allow paid downloads without the mass copying problem.

We chose to use Mixcloud which does not allow downloading but does pay royalties to artists and composers. As well as the player here on our site, Mixcloud also offers mobile apps for your Apple and Android devices.

Some of our shows podcast through a service of their own choosing. We will add those links too.

We hope you like some of the changes you see.

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All shows player Sense of Justice  The Late Shift
Lovecast, The     The Shuffle Writers Block  
Sweet and Sour Variety Hour The Massive Big Groove, The
FunkyBreakz Nash Holos Changes
What’s Next Rockabilly Express A Sound Constitution
Bobby B. Cool Rhythm’a’ning Rebel Music International
 The Morning Fog  The Impending Loom