On October 30th, the Radio Malaspina Society elected eight new directors and subsequently made some staffing changes.  It was one of the most significant overhauls in this radio station’s 13 year history.

The new volunteer board and staff includes some original RMS founding members, experienced radio professionals and other folks who have a deep passion for CHLY 101.7fm and for campus and community radio. They bring a great diversity of talents and the new energy in the studio lately is electric!

To our listeners, members, and supporters we want to say thank you. We remain committed to quality programming on CHLY 101.7fm, and will continue to bring you the thoughtful, independent shows that you’ve come to love.

We thank you for your patience and support as we continue to grow and improve. CHLY 101.7fm is volunteer based and driven by sponsors. We ask for your assistance with both. Stay tuned for more!

Communications Committee:

Bob Simpson, Alex Welbourn-Kalmakov, Nadine Weipning, Ashta Cormier, Sandeep Chauhan, Cam Wigmore, Brian Hazelbower, Jesse Woodward