RMS Bod Meeting Draft minutes

Feb. 3, 2014, 6.30pm – Acme Food Co.


  1. Call to Order: 6.46pm
  2.  Attendance (MP, MM absent)
  3. Approval of Agenda (CW/NW) M/S/C
  4. Approval of Draft SGM Minutes (JB/JW) M/S/C

4b. Acceptance of Nov. 28 minutes

4c. Acceptance of Dec. 9 minutes

Acceptance of Jan. 7 minutes tabled to next meeting

  1. President’s Report – met with legal counsel; finishing touches on loan $20,000; met with Mike Sargent on Jan. 31 & Feb. 1; walk-through on Feb. 1 – few pieces of equipment still missing, but will finalize amount owing in next few days; empties returned; no liquor left at Globe – questionable; lack of participation from volunteers; Globe wrap-up finally!; positive work from now on; all equipment from Tom Lee taken back; live-stream interface and snake needs to be located; email from George block re: blown subs need to be replaced by RMS – may need to seek reimbursement from Greg; drafting letter to VIUSU re: concern that RMS still looking at litigation against VIUSU – letter stating that is not the case, plus financial stability;

Acceptance of report (AK/JW) M/S/C

  1. Treasurer’s Report – update on loan consolidation – $20,000 – payment plan of $1000/month starting in April = prime +3% = in clear in 2015; quarterly budget from Feb – Apr. conservative (will email); revenue also conservative; bank balance $11,520 enough to keep us afloat until next VIU deposit;

Q: Alex – wants to know where loan money is coming from.


  1. Staff Report –  written report attached

Paulette – sales report attached

Queen’s lease starts March 1 – vital to remain in same location – moving too expensive right now; comparison of downtown rents $3000 vs. $630; put TLC and volunteer time to stay in same location; in discussions with Jerry – common area in between is now RMS property; we have worked out program to have Green Room become second control room; Jerry has confirmed that washroom will be renovated; will pressure wash front of station in Spring; every 2 months will have event fundraiser with all door proceeds to go to RMS; Jerry donated circulation fans that we have to install; DNBIA will spearhead makeover of China Steps; rent will go up to $700/month reasonable considering improvements; recommendation to stay there;


Cam – 1. details about ad sales – CRM program manages sales; list of new targets; merge that info with Paulette to train and teach her time management; three level sales plans; identified “leader accounts” (CCCU); focus on months ahead; long-term planning done; looking for opportunities; product knowledge; scheduling clients’ ads to appropriate audience;

2. Directors Info night – action item

Joanie: would it be a good idea for Paulette to attend/be in the loop about E-Comm meetings?

Would be up to her if she can attend, but definitely keep her informed.

Acceptance of report (JW/CW) M/S/C

(Jamie absent from 7.45pm – 8.30pm)

Meeting with Sandy Bartlett at Acme – two dates – Tuesday, Feb. 18 or 25 at 6.30pm

  1. Volunteer Report – n/a
  2. Committee Reports

9b. C-Comm  – next fund drive – how to promote to listeners and volunteers; hard pitch no longer suitable; need new approach; want to turn it into celebration; stop focusing on dollar amount; Jesse, Sandeep and Sean Enns in first stages of putting together RFP –project definition;  looking at tightening up messages; member engagement – specifically students – we really need to reach out to student members – prioritizing student  programmers, and having specific give-aways for students to get them on facebook/email; extending VIU’s education model through RMS – i.e. students want to learn how to podcast; volunteer morale – gifts at certain benchmarks; will have Social Media Policy within next 6 weeks for BoD approval.

Jesse – also – website – will begin to fall into place – needs major update; part of that process is assessment – top-down site map structure phase 1; Sean has begun to take that on.

Acceptance of report (JI/AK) M/S/C

9c. E-Comm – Joanie – Report attached


Jesse – was anybody appointed by BOD? Steve appointed Chair; need to nominate Joanie, and seek out others to appoint

Cam – were there formal resignations? Does the Board need to declare E-Comm dissolved and reinstated? The committees were to do leg-work re: mandate, members;

Alex – does E-Comm need to be staffed?

Need 2 BoD members, 1 staff, plus others;

*Table question of Snake from Rick Salt

Acceptance of report – (JW/CW) M/S/C

BIRT – Motion to appoint Joanie to Events Committee


9c. S-Comm appointments – Joanie willing to sit.

Gord – criticism from membership that interim staff moving too fast.

Cam – table issue until March – spend time adding to Board

Jamie  – will formulate amendment of S-Comm policy; important to get it running.

BIRT – amend S-Comm policy to include one board member, Station Manager or ED, community member, one student, one programmer (JB/NW) M/S/C


Jesse – issue of having one board member is that when the committee is small, issue of discussion around hiring ED/SM; board can appoint stand-in if SM has to excuse himself;

BIRT Joanie be appointed to S-Comm (JW/NW) M/S/C

9d. Arbie – P-Comm working on 3 proposals and Programmer Contract

Acceptance of report (JB/JW) M/S/C

9e. BIRT  Basecamp be approved for Board communication and committee communication


BIRT RMS renew lease with Queen’s (JB/JI) M/S/C

BIRT we move in-camera (AK/JB) M/S/C

Move out of camera 9.37pm

BIRT Bob Simpson’s term be extended by 3 months (JW/JI) M/S/C

BIRT Jamie, as the MIA, follows up on the complaints received (JI/NW) M/S/C

BIRT Mike Monson officially be considered in abandonment of office and be removed from the board (JW/NW) M/S/C

  1. Set next meeting – Mon. March 10 , 6.30pm Acme Food Co.
  2. Adjournment (AK/JW) M/S/C