CHLY Wish List

CHLY 101.7fm in Nanaimo, a listener-supported, volunteer-driven community-based campus radio station, is always willing to consider donations from the community.  Volunteer labour is a key to our survival, since it is through volunteers’ donations of their time that we are able to function with a small budget.  We are able to turn each dollar of membership fees and donations into approximately ten dollars of actual worth, mainly because of donated time.  If you have time to  volunteer on a regular basis, please stop by the station to make arrangements.  Receiving new music and entering the CD’s into our music database is always in need of volunteers as we receive 6-10 CD’s per day on average.  Hosting at the station, answering phones, cleaning, and community outreach are also positions volunteers can fill.  Of course, hosting a radio show on CHLY is also a volunteer task and you are welcomed to submit a program proposal for review.  Please keep in mind that to produce a weekly radio show is a big commitment and a decision which shouldn’t be made lightly.  Often, successful program submissions come from people who have demonstrated their abilities by volunteering for a few months here at the station and this allows the prospective volunteer enough time to understand the operations of the station and to become familiar with our policies and procedures.

We are, however, open to donations of more than time.  Money is always a welcome gift and something which we treat with respect and we make every attempt to maximize yield and efficiencies.  We are a non-profit society and often struggle with funding and it is with your support that we are able to broadcast to the southern coast of British Columbia and the world.

CHLY also accepts some donations of computer and electronic devices.  We could always use good quality headphones. If you, your company, or someone you know, is cycling out computer infrastructure, inculding servers, flat-screen monitors, gigabit switches and network cards, network storage, laptops, routers, cables, etc…, we would like to talk to you before you make plans to recycle your old gear.  Currently, CHLY runs on a Microsoft platform with some Linux-based desktops.  CHLY would like to accept legitimate, original-packaged software programs for donation.  If you have any high-end audio or video production equipment or software to donate, please contact us. The CHLY office would also like a paper shredder.

CHLY would also appreciate donated office consumables (coffee, cream, sugar, paper, envelopes, pens, etc…)