Code of Conduct


All members of the Radio Malaspina Society.


The Radio Malaspina Society Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct for all
members of the society.


Code of Conduct: Principles, values, standards, and rules of behaviour that that contribute
to the welfare of the society , and respects the rights of all constituents affected by its


This code of conduct articulates the values of our society. It is a guideline and reference
point for communication and conduct between all society members, volunteers, staff,
board members and programmers; this includes interaction with the community at large.
Members and volunteers who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct will be required to
participate in the society’s conflict resolution procedure, and may face disciplinary

It is understood that power imbalances between people of different gender, class, social or
economic background, ethnicity, sexual orientation or philosophical stance often go
unrecognized, both within our radio community and in society at large. This code of
conduct cannot specifically address these broader issues, but Radio Malaspina Society
is committed to considering these dynamics in its efforts to allow each member to feel
valued, respected and heard in the work they do within the society.


  1. Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself.
  2. Verbal and physical attacks are not tolerated.
  3. Discussions will be centred on issues, not people; and on verifiable facts, not innuendo
    and rumour. This covers oral and written statements made anywhere, including on the
  4. Information will be shared as much as possible, keeping in mind that some information
    must remain confidential. If information has been designated as confidential, it will not
    be divulged either publicly or privately.
  5. When communicating with other members and volunteers, individuals will make honest
    and reasonable efforts to communicate:
    1. In an open and honest manner;
    2. By displaying mutual trust and respect;
    3. With clarity and concision, to respect other people’s time;
    4. By exhibiting curiosity instead of judgement
    5. By keeping clear on mutual understandings and shared motivations; and
    6. By accepting feedback from others.
  6. This code of conduct is approved by the Board of Directors annually, subject to input
    from members of the Radio Malaspina Society community.


First Quarter 2015 by Jesse Woodward, Sandeep Chauhan, Natalie Drope, Paulette
McCarthy, Suzanne Gregory, and Bob Simpson.


January 11, 2016.


Policy not been modified since adoption.


See attached document for Board of Director Signatures