CHLY has numerous committees made of Directors, Staff, and volunteers. All committees report to the Board of Directors of the Radio Malaspina Society.



Standing Committees:

Standing committees are committees created by the Board of Directors with a variety of continuing functions required of them.

Policy Committee:

Tasked with the creation and updating of all station and society policy.

  • Jesse Woodward (Chair)
  • Natalie Drope, Bob Simpson
  • Paulette McCarthy
  • Suzanne Gregory

Nominations Committee:

Tasked with finding nominees to stand for election to the Board of Directors at the AGM, as well as finding appointees to fill the position of Directors who have resigned or taken a leave of absence.

  • Jesse Woodward (Chair)
  • Cameron Wigmore
  • Donald Shedden
  • Natalie Drope

Fundraising Committee

Tasked with all fundraising activities.

  • Bob Simpson (Chair)
  • Jennifer P
  • Arbie Fru
  • Steve Levington
  • Dave Roth
  • Jesse Woodward

Programming Committee

Not currently meeting.

Staffing Committee

Not currently meeting.


Special Committees:

Special committees are committees created by the Board of Directors with a single task. When that task is completed the committee is dissolved.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:

Tasked with reviewing and redrafting the Constitution and Bylaws of the Radio Malaspina Society.

  • Doug Creba (Chair)
  • Marjorie Stuart
  • Dominique Roelants
  • Nadine Wiepning
  • Jesse Woodward
  • Natalie Drope